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More than 50 years of experience


Having acquired many years of experience as a ceramic tile fitter, Giovanni founded Dossi as a family business in 1972, and would later be joined by his four children and, further down the line, his grandson.

The current premises, consisting of over 700 square metres of exhibition space and a warehouse of over 800 square metres, was opened it 1982, making it one of the most important companies in the sector in Lake Garda and at regional level.


We work with different types of customers


We offer customers personalised advice to meet their needs and develop unique, tailor-made projects.


For us, dialogue with professionals is mutually beneficial in terms of sharing skills, experiences and design trends. We support designers by offering them our best products and specialist, certified labour..


We cater for owners and constructors in the residential, commercial and hospitality sector, helping them to choose materials and state-of-the-art technologies to meet their needs and those of their customers.


Our ongoing commitment to the building industry


Our expertise in the selection and processing of materials comes from our years of experience in two of the most technical aspects of the interior design sector: product manufacturing and installation. We have collaborated with numerous professionals and companies and shared expertise with the finest craftsmen and installers, who we continually keep up to date with products and technological innovations. Technical knowledge and choice of materials are the starting point for the realisation of a design project.

Dossi Giovanni - Materials
Dossi Giovanni - Materials


Designing and developing living spaces is not just a combination of technique and materials: there is also an emotional and experiential component that makes every room unique. Furniture, accessories, colours, finishes and textures are precious details that help define and perfect each project: every detail is a small step towards achieving the desired solution.

Dossi Giovanni - Design
Dossi Giovanni - Design


Customers are more knowledgeable nowadays and approach every project with increasingly precise requests and demands for customisations.
To ensure the high quality of the final project it is necessary to develop a detailed design plan at the outset. From defining the liveability of spaces to the consistent choice of elements, sharing ideas and opinions on the products to be used.
This is followed by consultancy on materials and the final implementation of the project through the organisation and management of the site.

Dossi Giovanni - Interiors
Dossi Giovanni - Interiors


The experience we have acquired over the decades has enabled us to offer a comprehensive array of solutions and materials for interior and contract design: we have selected only the best manufacturers on the market in order to guarantee our customers wide-ranging, high-quality and always cutting-edge solutions. The technical and design support provided by our designers will help you to make careful and aesthetically pleasing choices.

The extensive showroom not only includes numerous bathroom settings but also areas dedicated to individual materials: a space dedicated to natural stone for both indoor and outdoor use, to terracotta and clays, to glass, clay, stone and metal mosaics, and to so-called “warm” floors, i.e. natural woods and modern, durable laminates from major brands.

Particular attention has been paid in recent years to Home Wellness, i.e. the development of areas of the home dedicated to personal care and relaxation.